Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Fire Update

Huge thank you to everyone for all the messages of concern last night and this morning. We are less than a mile from where the fire started and it spread about a mile, luckily for us in the opposite direction .. not so lucky for the 15 residence that had to be evacuated from their homes. There was less smoke by the time we were going to bed but I read a post that kept me awake for hours planning our escape route ...
" I wouldn’t say it’s under control. It’s absolutely raging on the Penygroes side of the mountain. God forbid it reaches the old Cilgwyn site with all the methane vents. It’ll be like Vesuvius."
Too close for comfort.
Facebook has been a godsend for information. Things we don't want to read about or hear about for our safety was vital. Planning an escape route and shelter for 8 dogs, 6 cats and a scouser was not going to be easy, but as ever the kindness of friends who offered to take us all in should the need arise was remarkable.

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Lin said...

It is scary but as you say everyone was letting people know what was going on and so kind of people to offer you and the gang safety if needed . Lets hope it gets put out soon x