Tuesday, 24 July 2018

I Wished ...

Last week I was offered a puppy .. I had noticed her in the litter and made a few comments on her photos. For me this sable L/C stood out as a special puppy, real quality. The breeder had decided to keep her B+T sister and a sable brother was booked to a show home, but the breeder really wanted a home where she could be shown too. With my sensibly hat on I told him it was not right for me at this time, but maybe I could find out what would be needed to use her father at stud. (He's in Ireland) Though I know things have changed since Dexi was used on an Irish bitch, it can't be that difficult .. can it?
Anyway last night he advertised her on a public page. I was not wearing my sensible hat and asked Steve about having her .. he said No. But he would come round, he always does, just a few days and I could wear him down, I always manage too. I even went to bed thinking about names, I could call her "Demelza" - Demi for short. I also considered partnership, should it not work out for her to live here then maybe one of my "show" friends would like to go halves. With agreed contracts between friends it could work. After all Ross is in joint names and it works.
This morning when I got up I was still thinking about the practicalities. Would it work? Could it work? How would these accept another bitch into the family .. Kiri was made most unwelcome by the old gang, but many others bring in bitches with no difficulties.
After walking the dogs I went online and quickly realised I'd missed the boat. Of course this stunning puppy had been snapped up, of course she was already sold. Hard for me as it's Ross' breeder who's bought her, I had to admit, stupid as it may sound I was so disappointed that I cried. Steve didn't get why I was so upset and uncharacteristically sympathy was not on hand. Sometimes I feel it's unfair, so many people have who and what they want, but the way I keep my dogs means I'm limited to these numbers. Of course I wouldn't have it any other way, I could never bring a puppy home and "Stick It In A Kennel!"
I guess my other reason for being so tearful this morning was that I'd been thinking back to a year ago. All those plans, the excitement and expectations for the future with Ross. This mornings I felt my dreams were shattered. The clicking in his elbow continues and I honestly feel he has an elbow abnormality as well as pano. I can continue to show him with the possible elbow abnormality, but of course my hopes of breeding would be dashed. Yes here I go again .. worse case scenario .. but really what else other than an abnormality would make a joint click in a young dog?
Ross' coat is currently a disaster too .. he has very little as it is and now that he's had this unbelievable moult he looks pretty shit. Hopefully that will come with time and I have him on Evening Primrose Oil and Fish Oil .. both considered to improve the quality and texture of the coat.  His coat is currently dry and coarse .. I've also ordered him some Melatonin which is used as a sleeping aid in people but is listed as a product used to stimulate hair growth in dogs. Should you wish to read further click on the link in pink facts-about-melatonin-will-it-grow-hair .. it may or may not work but as it says in the article It's no guarantee of hair growth .. but it can't hurt to try!
I'm sure you know I adore Ross, and all this probably just brings us closer. He is so much fun and is loving living life to the full. He's pretty obedient for a young man, and he is getting more and more affectionate. A tired Ross loves nothing more than cuddling and sleeping on my lap .. a naughty Ross can be calmed down by tickling his chest .. he goes all gooey eyed and floppy .. lol, but an OTT, loud Ross can still be hard work. His behaviour has improved dramatically but he still has his moments and when he and Kaiah are at their worst they can really push us and the other dogs to limit. Still they are youngsters who are joined at the hip, partners in crime ... things will only improve.
With my glass half full instead of half empty, if it comes to it the Blanik line should be safe without Ross' influence. I have two lovely bitches in Sammi and Kaiah and if it's not Ross then there will be a special boy out there for one of them. (maybe if I decide to breed from Sammi again I should let her choose her own man .. after all she did last time!!!)

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Lin said...

Hope all turns out how you want it to but always alternatives to consider. If you breed from Sammi again wonder who she'll choose this time lol