Friday, 6 July 2018

Off To Find Water For Walk Three

It was just too hot to go back up the mountain so I drove to Cwm Dulyn expecting to do a short walk and let them swim. But because of the breeze the temperature was dramatically cooler there and we walked to the end and had a great time padding.(yes all of us)
I had to laugh .. well with hindsight I did .. At the beginning of the walk Kaiah ran up the steep style with both boys close behind her only to stop at the top and turn round to look at them .. both the boys fell backwards down to the floor. They had little choice . other that or shove her out of the way I guess!!! She then stood there admiring the view from all directions whilst Loki again had a miss queue (because she was in the way) and Ross stood screaming like a toddler having a tantrum at the bottom. Eventually with her out of the way we proceeded with our walk.
Loki, Ross and Kaiah had a wonderful time cooling off in the lake at this magical spot 

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Lin said...

Lovely pics and I can imagine the situation with the style so funny