Tuesday, 3 July 2018


Steve was wondering why his flowers where flat. Now he knows!!
Naughty Oliver Blue
The fire was still smoldering in Carmel at 11.30am when I took the photos. 3 fire engines a 4x4 and large fire service black van was there, Firemen where working. It's scary to see how close it was to the houses. .. The fire was stopped between Carmel and Fron .. thankfully before coming any near to us. Rumors that it was deliberately started and 2 have been arrested are rife .. but just hearsay at the moment. The sky over Carmel and Cilgwyn was still full of smoke and seeing how close the fire came to peoples homes is quite shocking. All live stock was safe .. god knows how much wildlife was killed! 

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Lin said...

This is such a worry so glad no one was hurt or worse but as you say so sad for the wild life