Sunday, 1 July 2018

I Should Have Been At A Dog Show

A selfi I sent Steve when I got out of the
High Dependency Unit
For me today feels like another mile stone in getting back to "normal" or at least as they call it in Walton accepting my new normal. The clopidogrel finished a while back .. today I took my last asprin. Taking both blood thinners together meant I had to be cautious of bumps bites and scratches, hard when you're clumsy and live with a house full of animals.
Mostly I feel so well, but as my friends know I still have vision disturbances and moments of fatigue and memory loss .. Recently I was so embarrassed at a show when I was asked what Kaiah's breeding was.  Past her parents I didn't have a clue .. sometime the info just won't come to me and I feel such an idiot. Most of the time I don't even remember Ross' mothers name but I get away with that by saying he's a Larro son out of an Idol daughter! Strangely I could probably name most of the dogs in my older dogs's pedigrees .. somethings have stayed .. some things have gone.
Life sure has changed, but I will always be in debt to the wonderful team at Walton for saving my life and giving me a chance to live life to the full in this beautiful place I'm blessed to call home.
Today I should have been at Vale Of Clwyd show, but along with many others I opted to stay at home. The intense heat is just too much for me let alone the dogs and I just couldn't imagine showing them in concrete rings. Had it been on grass it would have been worth a second thought but the risk to their feet on hot concrete would just be too much for me. Life, my dogs lifes are more important than dog shows.
I sure have won a battle with Ross. After allowing him to starve himself for 48 hrs (He was offered the food and it was removed after 5 mins) he's now eaten every meal for 4 days .. including breakfast. Of course I've only won a battle it's too early to tell if I've won a war!
I feel so sorry for Ross this morning, he found a kong on a rope in Llyn Ffynhonnau. He was so pleased with himself and loved throwing it about until Kaiah took it off him. I took it off her and threw it into the lake .. but it sank and we never saw it again. Honestly I was knee deep in the water looking for it with him, but because of all the rummaging around the water just got cloudier and cloudier .. maybe we'll go back tomorrow!


Lin said...

You have done so well Rhian you should be proud of yourself for coming so far, you're doing what your body tells you to do and what not to do. Loved the pics and poor Ross losing his kong maybe you'll find it again x

carrie said...

Life would be so dull if everything was carried out to order. Tell Ross if he can't find the Kong, I'll get him one!!! I once watched Bruno's yellow ball plop into the sea and instead of being washed back up, it disappeared for ever ~ he spent 20minutes diving for it, but next day he got a new one!!!
Don't worry about recall of recent facts, events. It will get better, and we all know the more you try to remember, it just gets worse. It's when you can't remember how to get somewhere it's a problem:~}

ian turner said...

i think you were a very lucky girl that day and you are doing fantastic considering what you been through so if you do forget about some things it isnt the end of the world lol on words and up words now rhian