Saturday, 28 July 2018

Asha And Ross

So Asha ball of the day was this red one and she was happy chomping away at it until Ross decided that was just the toy he wanted. But nobody takes a toy from Asha, not even her precious Loki, and as Ross tried he was told in no uncertain terms .. "No You Can't Have It!" Asha is always firm but fair and Ross lay down close by to observe. As Asha had a scratch as quick as a flash and without her realising he was there and he'd grabbed it and gone. She turned round and looked quite puzzled, "but it was there, I know it was!" 
Ross now started to parade around the furniture with the ball in his mouth, he was so proud of his achievement, Asha was less amused. But in true GSD female ways she hatched a plan. She went into the toy box and got my snowman head out, she bounced it about and shook it in front of him. Of course Ross took the bate, he dropped the ball and went to grab the snowman .. the instant he dropped the ball Asha grabbed it and Ross was left with the toy that maybe he didn't want quite so much after all! 
Later Ross sat proudly with both toys, but only because she didn't want either by then!


Lin said...

Nice one Asha xx

ian turner said...

they dont half make you laugh they are so clever