Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Are You Sure it's Not Sunday??

Maybe just school holidays and nice weather then?
 Lovely walk to Llyn Ffynhonnau with Nico and Jezi 
Not a soul about 
 Only girls allowed walk - but look who's peaking behind the rock
A few people around but within a safe distance but the walk completely ruined by the cattle who appeared from nowhere and made their way towards the van where Jezi was waiting. 
I't no secret I'm afraid of the free roaming cattle, especially when they have calfs. In my panic and fluster to get to the van I lost Ross' embroiderer Silkenwood collar and lead, I realised quickly but was too afraid to go back for it. I have to admit I came home feeling stressed, annoyed and emotional.
There was no was I could go back To Llyn Ffynhonnau for my last walk and I headed for Cwm Dulyn, sadly it was awash with people and sheep so I was only able to do the walk along the wall. But with the path closing with grasses, nettles and brambles and me in short trousers it was a shorter walk than expected. Again I came home feeling fed up!

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Lin said...

Just wasn't your day today but like you the cattle worry me x