Thursday, 5 July 2018

Evening Out Anyone?

These days a lovely evening out is not in a pub, restaurant or club. 
We had a super time at Llyn Ffynhonnau with friends last night. 
Ok, so I am enjoying at least part of the days in the Summer weather. It's just the day time temperature is so restrictive for myself and the dogs, and they are my priority. It's cooler and cloudier today but the forecast is for soaring temperatures again at the weekend so travelling to Peterborough on Sunday may well be a challenge. With judging at 9am at least most of the 4+ hour journey there will be before it get intensely hot and if my memory serves me correctly they have great undercover rings at this show .. here's hoping! 
 Ross at the back, Loki, Chyna the Bullmastiff and Bella at the front
 Ross and Chyna the water babies kissing in the lake
 Both strong swimmers and loving each others company
 Such a happy chap
Thanks Ian for taking this photo 
And just to prove you were there


Lin said...

Wonderful pics and a good time to go when it's cooler

ian turner said...

it was a fantastic night we all should do it more often