Thursday, 26 July 2018

Not A Happy Family

There is tension in the main pack at the Blanik household this morning .. The heat? Or hormones maybe? One thing is for sure Kaiah does not need her mother fighting her battles for her, she really doesn't need to feel anymore important than she does!
Kaiah is due is season so I guess it's mainly hormonal here, and to be honest though it's hot at 25 degrees we've had it a lot hotter being close to 35 a couple of weeks ago.
Ziva put her head over Kaiah shoulders this morning, a dominant stance. Kaiah grumbled but had her chuckit in her mouth so let it pass by, but Sammi didn't and came over grumbling and snapping at Ziva. No one tells her precious daughter what to do .. but maybe if she did herself then Kaiah may not be as much of a handful. Not long after that Asha told Ross off over a toy they both wanted and he had a go back at her .. that's a first and bad manners really.... And Loki? Well he's just grumpy anyway!!!

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Lin said...

Heat and hormones not a good combination hope the tension eases x