Friday, 13 July 2018

Manchester - At Last

Well it worked, a month since my letter of complaint to the KC for non submission of critiques and I've had an email from them today with the critiques. Six months since the show and they have also informed me that the judge will now be sending them to the dog press as well. Well done to the KC Canine Activity Department for taking the correct action.....
Ross was third and Kaiah fourth so no critiques for them ..  that is normal an acceptable.

2nd: 6550 STANLEY Mrs R Lokean Of Blanik Sh.CM, balanced and typical head with pleasing eye and expression, strong neck flowing well into backline, pleasing set of croup,elbows set well under body with pleasing length and return of upper arm, well ribbed with a strong loin, not quite the length of stride as the winner.
2nd: 6552 STANLEY Mrs R Blanik Ivana Sh.CM, pleasing balance of construction with symmetrical outline, elbows set well under body, good rib cage, strong loin, active and typical movement, not quite as appealing in head properties as winner.
If we all see dogs through the same eyes then there would be no point in dog shows .. I accept most comments made in critiques as an opinion. Sometimes I think they are spot on, sometimes I totally disagree.  Sometimes judges miss things that are blatantly obvious to me, for example this judge says Loki has a pleasing eye when we all know Loki's eye colour is rather lighter than favoured  .. but there you go, an opinion, an interpretation of what is acceptable.  But, and I do hope I'm not wearing rose tinted glasses as I do have Sammi on a pedestal, how can you say she's not appealing in head properties?  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that but for me Sammi and Kaiah are probably the "prettiest" bitches I've ever bred. I have bred bitches which are slightly plainer of face, but it wouldn't be fair of me to name them as I never know who read this .. Na, I won't dwell on it or draw attention to it elsewhere .. Sammi is not perfect and has constructional faults like every dogs .. but she's bloody beautiful.

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Lin said...

Well you finally got them and agree Sammi is beautiful