Tuesday, 10 July 2018


 I have never see Asha so devoid of coat she now has now undercoat present at all, and Asha has a huge coat. It's really odd to see her looking so streamlined and tatty.  
Ross who has less coat naturally looks even worse, his tail is like a stick, all the furnishings have gone. I can only think of one occasion when one of my dogs has looked this rough .. and I guess at the same age .. or slightly older! I guess it's a double whammy for Ross really, the hot weather couple with the junior moult. I just hope he improves by mid August. Actually I also have to possibly take my words back .. Ross was limping badly on his back end this morning, so maybe just maybe he wasn't right in the ring on Sunday. I've no idea of the cause and can only hope it's still the pano bothering him, though really at his age he should be growing out of it now!
A young bald Blade in 1992

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Lin said...

Oh bless them but still look wonderful and lovely to see the pic of Blade x