Saturday, 7 July 2018

Ageing Asha

Steve and I are both taken aback at how much Asha has aged recently, but in appearance only I hasten to add. Maybe we were not as aware of the years caching up on her with her mother still alive, but my word she's gone grey. The grey muzzle has been creeping up on us for years, and there's grey under her eyes now too ... but when did her ears get that grey? Bless her.
In herself she hasn't changed at all really. She as active as ever and loves her walks and her swim .. and of course her food, Asha has always loved her food. Maybe there is a little mild stiffness now and again, but nothing that needs anything medical at the moment. She gets her Fish Oil and CSJ herbs which I hope are helping.
Her show days are over and I know she'll be crying as loud as Kaiah at silly o'clock tomorrow when they realise it's not their day out. I do hate it when they love to go so much .. and can't! I didn't enter Kaiah as she was chucking her coat at the time entries closed, a wise decision though she is now coming together again. Sammi and Loki look great but Ross is as bald as bald can be. Sarah still wants me to take him. She thinks that his shape and powerful movement will appeal to the judge .. as well as his rear end soundness of course! I think we've decided to see who else is in the class and take it from there ....

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Lin said...

Older and greyer but still so beautiful x