Friday, 6 July 2018

Ruthin Critiques

Over the moon with these critiques for Ross and Loki from Ruthin show last month but couldn't help but add this photo. Love it. Interesting to read the judge comment that the aggression from the PMD towards Loki cost him a place in the group. I have to say it was quite scary to be between such a large powerful dog reacting so aggressively and Loki who seemed indifferent to him. All I can say is thank god the handler managed to hold him. 
GSD J (4,1a) 1. Stanley & Bibby’s Silkenwood Poldark of Blanik. A good start to the day with these. Masculine head, deep muzzle, best straight forelegs, stands on strong feet with tight toes. Well placed shoulder blade and rear angulation. Ex neck, strong and arched. A real powerhouse covering the ground easily. 
 O (3,1a) 1. Stanley’s Lokean of Blanik ShCM. Siblings with different strengths. Both exciting to go over. Masculine build. Ex arched feet, well padded. Strong arched neck of medium length. Well boned. Well laid shoulder and return of upper arm, and well turned stifles, nothing overdone. Preferred his expression. So very strong in the rear enabling him to drive, keeping good width between the hocks. Could have watched him move all day. BOB & G1


ian turner said...

friging fantastic critiques rhian bet your so proud of them

Lin said...

Wow fabulous critiques well done xx