Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Ziva's In For Spaying

Even though it's a big op you know bitch spays are just routine for the vets... so why the hell am I so nervous? I even cried when I left her there this morning. In my heart I know it's the right thing to do but there are never more doubts in your mind than on the day.
I don't believe in neutering young. There is evidence that neutering before maturity affects the growth plates and increases the risk of bone abnormalities like hip displaysia, it can also increase the risk of some cancers. But not neutering bitches at all also has it's risks ... pyometra and mammary tumors are a huge risk in middle age to older bitches. For us here with having dogs and bitches it's also a safety measure, we don't want accidents and also the seasons are a very stressful time for the males and can cause them health problems with their prostates. So the less entire bitches, the less seasons, the better for everyone.
I'm on edge now, 2 hours to go before I can pick her up. They said after 3pm .. I hope 3.01pm is ok?

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Lin said...

At least I know now that Ziva is back home safe and sound but yes it's a worrying time waiting to know it's all over and done with and that she's ok x