Monday, 8 May 2017

Caernarfon Critiques

GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG – G (3,1) 1 Stanley’s Lokean of Blanik, 2 yr old black and gold male, impressive masculine head, correctly proportioned, almond shaped eye which could be a little darker, high set ears. Good length and carriage of neck, well defined withers, balanced front and rear angles, strong backline, good croup and tailset and strong parallel hocks. Moved really well given the confines of a small ring. BOB G2. 2 Turner’s Tuna Com Mit Tasella. 

AV. PASTORAL VETERAN – (5,3) 1 Stanley’s Blanik Georgette, 9 yr old GSD bitch in super condition, lovely head and expression, well set ears, very good front and rear angulations, good neck and topline. Moved exceptionally well. Veteran G1 BVIS. 2 Adshead’s Dancaroo’s First Moon BC

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Lin said...

Lovely critiques you must be pleased x