Saturday, 13 May 2017

More Updates

 I just had to take this photo of Jimmy Choo, undignified but funny. You can see his back foot is behind his head. I guess he had considered washing his bottom but decided against it and just sat like that! He ate a lot better yesterday so lets hoped the previous few days had just been a blip. 
Ziva is back to normal and happiest with a toy in her mouth. The scar has healed and the bruising has disappeared. I need to get her stitches out today. I always do it myself as it's less stressful to the animals than a return trip to the vets. With almost 12 years practice at Freshfields I'm pretty good at it even if I say so myself!
Today should have been Ruthin show, but with another English GSD judge on the cards I decided not to waste my money and didn't enter. Only one GSD entry on the day .. hopefully they'll think harder before appointing a judge next year!


carrie said...

Good news Choo back on his grub, and relieved Ziva come through her op ok, and is waiting for Nurse Stanley to finish the job. Once took stitches out of Lunar, as lived on farm in Jersey at the time and it was a long taxi ride to an from vets in St.Helier. With the aid of a table lamp and a pair of eyebrow tweezers an nail scissors.Cat never even seemed to notice!!!

Lin said...

So glad Jimmy choo and Ziva are both doing ok now x