Sunday, 14 May 2017

To miss quote Bob Geldof ever so slightly ...

 "I don't like Sundays!"
Sundays is the least enjoyable day to walk up here. The parking space to Llyn ffynhonnau is usually full with 3 or 4 badly parked cars who's drivers have given no thought to others needing to park there. The Cilgwyn side of the village is busier with week end walkers which only leaves our home patch of "Moel Tryfan." The first problem there is the Sunday shooting range, the noise is no problem to the dogs, they are use to it from puppyhood, it's the traffic up and down the track which is a pain. To be fair most respect their vehicles and are slow and steady but there's always the odd idiot with a 4x4 bombing up there. As we get nearer lunch time the young lads and their dirt bikes arrive, now they are a pain. They bomb up and down the tracks with no regards what so ever to walkers with or without dogs. They skid, swerve and dig up the tracks and though there are clear signs telling them to keep off the mountain they take no notice what so ever.
Walk number one was easy as usual, a fast pace enjoyable outing with Nico and Jezi. Both obedient and full of fun.
On walk two I opted to park by the cattle grid and go right straight off the track to the shooting range but Tali had other ideas and went left! She had gone too far to call her back so I changed my plans and we followed her! As we got closer to the next right turn I quickened my pace to a slow jog to try and catch her to turn her right, she glanced over her shoulder and quickened her pace to get away from me. Luckily I just got her by the collar, turned her right and sent her forward on the path I wanted to follow. A few paces down the track she stopped to sniff and I walked past her. After a few further paces I turned to look for her, to see her turning back and heading off the way she had originally wanted to go. AHHHHhhhh! Another quick jog, a grab of the collar and again I sent her forward the way I wanted to go ... this time I did not let her stop or go behind me until we had got through the kissing gate! The rest of the walk  was a sheer battle of wills between me and her, I wanted to go one way, she wanted to go another, she wanted to eat shit, I said no .. and on all counts I won this battle!
Excuse my turn of phrase, but the youngster on walk three in comparison where a piece of piss! Such good kids, even with a 4 x 4 in the strangest of places they were really well behaved. Ok Kaiah did give Sammi some stick, but to be fair she gave as good as she got today and they didn't half do some running. Kaiah loves her Loki, but he's only number two in her book when her mummy Sammi is about!


Lin said...

Bloody people on a Sunday !!!!! they really are a pain in the arse. As for your Tali walk I can visualise hers and your faces !!!!!! Soon be Monday x

ian turner said...

i prefer middle of week walks to .i have had the same problem with them idiots to with the motorbikes