Monday, 1 May 2017

Conbhairean Danko Of Blanik

One of the best decisions I ever made was to bring this beautiful dog into my home. He is mischievous, happy, affectionate, funny, cuddly and kind. He is beautiful inside and out, he's obedient and devoted with the best character I could ever wish for. I've said it before I know, but I must say it again ... I can only thank his breeders from the bottom of my heart for allowing Nico to come to Blanik. He has given us so much himself and now has super children and a wonderful granddaughter here too. Super super dog .. Simply, one of the best!


Lin said...

Totally agree with you Nico is such an all round wonderful dog as are his offspring. I'll never forget the day you got him such an emotional day but it certainly was a great decision x

ian turner said...

i feel i owe him so much i wouldnt be doing what im doing now without him love him so much he has brought so much happiness in my life and gave me my baby bella .thank you nico