Thursday, 4 May 2017

Ziva Update

Bless her my little girl is still feeling a tad sorry for herself. She refused white fish last night, but not even she could refuse pilchards in tomato sauce! Great stuff that to encourage them to eat. This morning she's still pretty stiff, she has been out for a wee and has had breakfast in bed. (More pilchards with a small handful of dog food) From choice she is now back in bed. Best place for her with Kangaroo puppy about!
With Ziva out of action, Loki did two walks yesterday. I have to admit he seemed very lost when he was out with the grannies. Asha is very capable of playing with him, but she's too busy doing her own thing to waste her time on anyone else. And Tali? OMG ... and Tali, she was at her most annoying yesterday. She was so slow it was frustrating. Again I stress not slow because of old age, slow because she was eating sheep shit by the bucket full. Every time I looked for her she was either stood with head down eating or following on at a distance chewing like Alex Ferguson at a football match! (Though I hope he had chewing gun not sheep shit!)  In the end I could stand it no more and she ended up on the lead, I could almost hear her swearing at me, but everyone has their limits don't they. 
Loki had far more fun out with Sammi and Kaiah, though Kaiah was tending to spoil the walk for everyone, including me. Her behaviour with her mother is completely OTT and quite unacceptable, but at the moment I'm struggling to stop it. She doesn't seem to take anything on board, life is just a big joke to Miss Kaiah, a nice attitude but at the moment very unfair on Sammi. Anyway we continue to persevere as walking the three young ones together makes much more sense than mixing them with the older generations. 


carrie said...

Sending speedy recovery to Ziva. So glad its done. I too am out of action, but on day 11 of tremendous sore throat, cough, sneezing, sore ribs ~ feeling v sorry for myself, so do u think pilchards in tomato sauce will do it for me? :~} Cx

ian turner said...

i hope ziva is feeling better tonight

Lin said...

Tali on a lead ha ha ha yes I can see that look on her face :) x