Sunday, 7 May 2017

Saturday and Sunday

Because I now feel I'm being watched by tell tales I can not report on the weekends show as I would like too. I'll say it this way .. The English came, the won, the conquered. Though I may not agree on the type of dog who went BOB I like the owner very much and friendship is bigger than dog shows. Kaiah gave a great performance and had a huge amount of compliments from outside the ring, I could have asked no more of her. Loki was predictably sound and steady .. and Sammi? Well Sammi  and I had a chat and she declined to be shown on the day! lol Photo were taken yesterday, but other than this one of Loki they are dark and blurred so not worth publishing .. shame!
Last night it was more panic stations with Ziva. I just happened to be outside when she had a wee, it was pink with blood! I was immediately on the phone to the vets and she gave me some comfort. As Ziva's temperature was normal (we'd checked) and her colour was good the vet hoped it was nothing more that cystitis. She informed me that during spaying they do have to handle the bladder and that could have been enough to set it off. If Ziva was still the same today then I should pick up some treatment for her .. so yeah that's where I've been today. An unexpected Sunday morning drive in glorious sunshine to the vet in Ffor, Ziva has had an antibiotic injection and a course of antibiotics to start tomorrow and pain killers. I've also cooked pearl barley for her, I have great faith in it since Vet Jill Hubbard told me to use it with Tali for the same thing when she was just a puppy. Great stuff.  Anyway here's hoping this is the beginning of the end of this now so Ziva can recover and retain her place in the pack. I've never had a bitch with complications after spaying before, by this time I'm usually fighting to keep them quiet, this sure has been a worry. Ziva is usually such a bubbly person, it's odd to see her so quiet and flat.
Last night I had some photos of the little guy sent to me. His puppy name is Teddy :) Cute baby name, but maybe not an adult GSD name! Sarah is hoping to go and see him next week but it will still be a little early to see any show potential. 6 -8 weeks is really the time for that, and it is only ever potential not promise as so much can go wrong during those first few months, but that's the gamble  we take isn't it. If he comes here, unless something is drastically wrong within the pack, then he stays here.


carrie said...

Oh dear, poor Ziva, but u right on it, and hoping she will soon recover and b on top form again.
Did consider trying to find Mona yesterday but still under the weather so decided to
give it a miss and not add stress to my condition!!!Also banana backs would not have cheered me up at mo:~} x

Lin said...

Pity pics were crap sorry !!!! Loki and Kaiah looked superb in the ring and good decision not to go Sammi !!!!!!