Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Old And Awkward

No not Steve,(haha) no prizes for guessing who though! 
Yesterday wasn't a good day. I get them sometimes especially when I haven't slept well. The tiredness takes over and I feel ill. It's not a tiredness I had experienced before my SAH and it does irritate me when people try to compare it to "normal" tiredness. Believe you me, it's worlds apart. I get it all the time about my memory too, people say .."Oh I'm like that, forgetful!"  Eh, no your not! My brother was less than helpful last night when he told me his patients after years of drug or alcohol abuse suffer the same symptoms, the brain is damaged and there is no easy fix, yeah thanks for that! You have to laugh don't you, at least I'm still here to laugh about it! Co-codomol are a temporary fix, they help me function for a few hours but sleep is the only answer. 
Dogs come first, so dosed up yesterday morning I did slow mooching walks around and about. Nico and Jezi were impeccably behaved though I was on edge as I could hear a lot of shouting. I was worried someones dog was on the loose, but I saw nothing. I decided to take Loki with the girls. Two walks for him as he's so easy you can almost forget he's there, but from the beginning of the walk Tali was more awkward than ever. She really had it on her, went her on way and doing her own thing. She loaded her mouth with shit, mud and grass and took no notice what so ever of what the rest of us were doing. At one point I thought I'd lost Asha, I'd had to go back for Tali and forgot to tell Asha who had continued down hill. But as most dogs would, she soon realised the rest of us were not there and came back. In the end I got so frustrated I put Tali on the lead and then ended up pulling her along as she tried to grab lumps of shit as she walked. Not great for either of us but I did wonder if yesterday I was a weak pack leader and she knew she could take more advantage than normal! She just didn't count on me putting a lead on her did she.
I win!
The last walk with the youngsters was no trouble either. Kaiah is really well behaved, though did let herself down on Sunday when she went to visit a walker by the lake. Her first mistake really, but he stroked her, she then came back. Not something I want her to get into the habit of doing, she's still a puppy but now as tall as Ziva and Tali so someone could find it intimidating. Anyway luckily this time all's well that end's well. 
Today we'll go further afield, probably just up the back .. let's see how Tali decides to behave today then! 

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Lin said...

Sorry you've been out of sorts and yes sleep when you can. You could have done without Tali being on one when you're not so good. hope you soon feel a bit better x