Friday, 5 May 2017

Emergency Ward 10

Well it just couldn't all go to plan could it. Everything was going so well, Ziva had been with us all afternoon in the living room. Everyone else was calm and quite so she had peace and quite to relax. At dinner time they all came through into their crates where their meals were waiting for them and everyone ate well, as usual. Ziva then came into the kitchen, as she does every night to "assist" me as I cook for us. That when I spotted blood on her hind legs, immediate panic and I call Steve in to have a look at her. Her belly and legs were covered in blood that was seeping from the scar. I felt sick with worry, fully expecting to find an open wound and that she had pulled her stitches out. But she hadn't .. the stitches were intact, but the blood was still coming from behind them.
It was about closing time by then, but I rang the vet for advice. They said if she hadn't touched the stitches then if we took her in they would put a pressure bandage on her to stop the bleeding. Rather than stress her more it was then Dr. Stevie to the rescue. He's so good with medical problems ... far better than me. So with nurse Stanley assisting we stopped the bleeding. Checking on it ever 30 mins or so we were happy with the progress.
Since the bleeding Ziva has been taking more notice of her belly so we dressed her in an old t.shirt in the evening and over night. This morning she's had breakfast but again went back to bed .. the huge difference being she just couldn't stay there when she heard the pop of the toaster, that in it's self an improvement as she didn't bother yesterday. She's now in the living room with us, there has been no further bleeding though she's quite badly bruised, more so than I remember with the others. I guess they are all different and we now need to keep an extra watchful eye on her over the next few days. I'm at a local show tomorrow so at least the youngsters will be out of her hair!
Not many people know Ziva really, she's never liked showing, and hated dog club, so I don't take her. She's a lovely girl, a little spiteful with Tali sometimes, but generally an easy dog to live with. She has always been very obedient and very affectionate, but because she doesn't go to shows people just don't know her. Therefore it was so lovely to get feed back from the staff at the vets about how good and sweet natured she'd been. One of them even saying .. "I could take her home!" Proud of my girl.


carrie said...

Flipping eck, how frightening, but brilliant that u and Steve coped so well. Another example of sharing with the dog community what can happen after an op and how to deal with it. Told Hubbards sell dog jackets which button up tightly to put on in place of Elizabethan plastic collars to prevent wound licking. Your improvised t~shirt did exactly the same really. Well done... Poor Ziva, remember Bruno in quite a bit of pain after his op. despite everyone telling me he would not feel any effects, and it was at least a week before he did a wobbly leg cocking wee!!!!!had been tiddling like a bitch up to then.
So, fingers all crossed Ziva gets on with her recovery, and we all send her love, hugs and treats.Cxxx

Lin said...

What a shock it was but so glad all's now well with her x