Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Special Critiques

Over the moon with Loki's CC critique and baby Kaiah's first critique from WPBW. Thanks to judge Bridgette Bodle for thinking so highly of both.
 PGD [5,1abs] 1 and DCC Stanleys Lokean of Blanik SH.CM I have to be honest and say this dog took me completely by surprise as he was not what I was expecting to award a CC to but I thought he was just exceptional . With no exaggeration and of medium size, this boy was impeccably presented and handled to perfection, he has a stunning head piece with medium dark eye exuding a confident and intelligent expression, his well placed ears were constantly at attention, he has an excellent neck and lay of shoulder, body is well ribbed and chest deep with plenty of heart and lung room, muscled quarters and slightly sloping croup, hindlegs parallel with strong hocks, so very sound from all directions displaying excellent front reach, he impressed me so much and never put a foot wrong and I couldn’t not deny him the CC today.
MPB [4,1abs] 1 Stanleys Blanik Jeevana Very pretty baby with good head proportions and a lovely expression, ears set on well, lovely neck into well laid shoulders, straight forelegs into flexible pasterns, tidy elbows, impressive side gait for such a baby but needs to strengthen in hock as one would expect but easily the best mover in the class.

 I may as well put this one on too .. This is Loki's critique from the judge who favoured the "English Type" at Anglesey. Long in back? haha, in the context of how he judged that's so funny but I suppose it could be worse!
PG (5) 1 Stanley Lokean of Blanik SHCM strong dog of 3 years good head shape, correct eye & ears well muscled front, big ribcage long in back strong hind quarters moved ok


carrie said...

Absolutely two of the best critiques I have ever read. U must b completely delighted by the appreciation of this Judge, of all u have set out to achieve. Marvellous Rhian Cx

Lin said...

Wow what fabulous critiques you must be so proud of your handsome Loki and your beautiful little Kaiah so very well done Rhian x

ian turner said...

brilliant so happy for you they are brilliant