Friday, 19 May 2017

Still No Decision

Trying to upload a small video - hope it works.
Sarah thought Teddy was a balanced puppy with free movement and without exaggerations. Her concern is lack of substance for his age and lack of coat. The substance I'm not too concerned about as that could be down to him being one of nine, we had it ourselves with Asha's large litter and Loki was also a small puppy being one of 10 - I think they soon catch up! Lack of coat is more a problem with glamour always being helpful in the show dog, and yes you can usually tell at this age if a dog will have a good coat, or not! 
Anyway currently things are still at a stand still, at the moment Teddy only has one testicle. Early days I guess but we've had enough of looking for balls for one year!!!

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Lin said...

It certainly has been a roller coaster for you but now time will tell and the waiting game continues !!!!