Saturday, 13 May 2017

7 Months

Hate the cliche, but I have to say it, 
Where has the time gone?

           Kaiah measures about 58cms at the wither and was bang on 26 Kg yesterday.
 Sammi was 27.85kg and 59.5cms at the wither at the same age. 
Sammi did a lot of growing between 7 and 8 months, (2cms) I hope Kaiah just makes it up to 60cms and no more really, but what will be ....
Kaiah is an adorable little girl, happy, bubbly, obedient and full of fun. A pleasure to live with and love, but no dog is perfect ... my god she's noisy! 
(Just out of interest Loki was 31.70kg and 63.5cms - no wonder the bugger is so big now) 


carrie said...

just bootiful

Lin said...

kaiah really is lovely natured and such a beautiful girl even if she is noisy !!!!!! x