Friday, 12 May 2017

A Bad Night

This morning we got up after the usual restless night to find Tali covered in diarrhea. Neither of us had slept well but heard no alarm call from her or Asha (she sometimes lets us know) She hasn't been in a mess like this for months and I could have cried for her and for me. I'm gutted, until the last 10 days or so she's been doing so well but now it looks like it''s back with a huge bang! I've bathed her and have made a vet appointment for this morning. What concerns me is the diarrhea is very dark, almost black and that's not a good sign. I do hope the vet will consider putting her on metronidazole on a semi permanent basis now as I feel I have done all I can to manage this with diet and supplements. Who cares if it has long term side affects .. Tali is old and I'm looking at now, today and tomorrow, quality of life is paramount!


carrie said...

Could Tali have eaten something bad on her walks? u said yourself she does her own thing regarding eating ss? But I know IF ANYONE IS KEEPING AN EYE ON HER WHEN OUT ITS U! Hope Vet helps. Know what u mean about everything happening all at once.Same down here. me now on antib's ~ wonder if I ever get rid of this? Done no paperwork for weks, letters to answer, bills to pay and on and on.Sis been over, ended up in A & E for hours. Hope darling Tali feeling better now.Cx and how Choo today and Ziva?

Lin said...

Such a wonderful girl x