Monday, 15 May 2017

Another Delay

Sarah was all set to go and see Teddy today or tomorrow but now there has been yet another delay. His breeders have something on on both days so now we need to re schedule again. I know it can't be helped but I'm on pins here, I just need to know whether it is him or do I need to start looking again. I so want it to be him, but I also need to be sensible. There is no point bringing him in unless he at least has some potential to make it into the ring and enhance on my breeding line. (which on paper he will do)
The breeders sent me a couple of photos last night, love his head and expression but it's quite hard to tell from the standing photos as they both look so different. But bless them for trying, it really is appreciated!

1 comment:

Lin said...

He looks god in first pic and love his head I've got everything crossed it's going to be him x