Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Going Private

After the shit I've had this morning I'm now thinking of making this blog private. I will look into how to include a list of people to read it ... those who I want to be able to read it and those who want to of course. If I do it then I will have to see how to go about it.
Part of one post has been copied and used on Facebook with the last paragraph which balances it out left out. Somehow I don't think the person who used it found it and I have my suspicion as to who sent her the post. Someone I thought was a friend, but now I can only think they are shit stiring, but there you go!  I'm quite upset as this blog was originally started for my own benefit, for me to clear my head and as a record of what the Blaniks get up too. It currently has approximately 400 views a day ... that will change dramatically.
Over the next few days if you find the blog has gone offline or you don't have access then give me a shout and I'll let you in! Though I stand by what I said in the post I'm quite upset and will now give some serious thought as to the way forward.


NanĂ¼k said...

We are sorry that happened, please include us in your approved readers,

Lin said...

It's such a shame you have to resort to these drastic measures for one idiot being so hurtful and uncaring, people like that you can do without. xx

carrie said...

Understand completely how upset u are Rhian, but think it such a shame that u might b depriving so many followers of such excellent and informative information on the breeding and care of GSD's. not to mention wonderful pictures, show info and general sharing in the lives of Blaniks. have u tackled the person u think responsible? mayb just tell them how upsety u are and request them to toe the line.Cxxx