Saturday, 13 May 2017

Advocate Please?

Just had an interesting time at the vets. Whilst at Ffor vet yesterday I forgot to pick up advocate for the dogs and cats. I thought no worries I'll pop into Cibyn for some in the morning, and that I did. Saturday mornings are always quiet but there is always staff and a couple of vets around for emergencies.
Anyway I gave my name and asked for the advocate and this is how the conversation followed.
Receptionist  - "Who is the advocate for?"
Me - "Everyone, I need to do them all."
Receptionist - "Give me a name of an animal so I can prescribe it."
Receptionist  - " He's not been here since 2015"
"No, he's not been ill"
Receptionist - "Therefore I can't prescribe it to him, we need to have seen him within the last 12 months"
"But he's not been ill so why would I bring him here?"
Receptionist -"I'm sorry it's a prescription medication so I can't give it to him."
"try Nico then."
Receptionist - "Yes we can prescribe 6 advocate to Nico as we've seen him in the last 12 months."
"Thank you, I need some large cat advocate too please"
Receptionist - "Tia has been here in the last 12 months, we'll prescribe it to her."
Receptionist - "Oh no sorry Tia weighs less than 4kg so I can only prescribe her small advocate."
"But my boys are much bigger."
Receptionist - "Sorry I can only prescribe to Tia"
"Ok can you give me an extra pack then."
Receptionist - " Yes sure. If you would like to bring the animals in for a health check with the nurse we can check on their condition and weight etc for you every 12 months and then you can order the advocate individually for them"
 "no you're alright they are not ill and I've never had this hassle here before."
Receptionist -" it's a prescription medication and we are really cracking down now on people who purchase it when we haven't seen the animals, maybe their animals are not well enough for it to be used on them,"

Well can anyone else see the flaw in the plans? I still got what I wanted without them seeing the dogs and I'm free to give it to any of them. But a little common sense is all that's needed and I'd already told Steve I wasn't getting any for Tali this time. And I'll have to give the three large male cats 2 small pipets each. Crazy, just crazy.
 Shit I hate using this chemical poison on my animals anyway. I would NEVER use it as they suggest once a month, why would I want to put chemicals into my dogs as a "preventative" once a month anyway? Just like their "Health checks" for healthy fit animals it's just money making. Sadly with cats who go out and about here I do have to be able to control flees and treat everyone for worms - but in my book 3 times a year is more than enough.


Lin said...

What a bloody farce I would think after all the years you've been with them that they would know you a bit better !!!!!!! red tape

Tali said...

Well yeah it is, not their rules it's the BVA bringing in new regulations, but how pathetic

carrie said...

yes, v aggravating/ having just spent best part of an hour deciding which size of YuMove to buy from VioVet online. Finally decided on 120, filled in pages of questions [address refused at first so back to the beginning) then filled in payment box several times to finally being told to register my card with Visa protect.Another 15 personal questions which I refused to do. No need to protect this card, hardly ever use it online anyway,Do not need to give my date of birth to buy tabs for dog
was not given the option or not!!] lost the f page.put in all details again still forced to fill in the protection page. lost the details again will now phone tomorrow and order that way!!!Just being careful, my name, ad.and date of birth are all security questions and I do n ot need to plaster them on a site buying this proiduct.
Peeved or what.
Yesrs ago I tried to buy ear drops from Hubbards for Yanto [as a repeat prescription]and was told then had to bring in dog for inspection before they would represcribe. Went to a different vet, explained why I had no time to make an
appointment as had to leave for London that day, and they handed over the drops!!
As responsible owners if u are known so well to them, surely they can use their judgement as to whether u know what u are doing or not? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr