Monday, 8 May 2017

Another One Gone

Another day and another beautiful dog has gone. When it's not your own you still feel it. Whilst you want them to know you are there you should never be intrusive in their loss, but my you feel the owners's pain and grief. No not a young dog, but younger than Asha so far too young to go. The pain of loss of any dog is great, but trust me having experienced both too many times loosing them young is ten times worse and haunts you forever! 
When I heard what had happened to this boy 10 days ago memories of Kai came flooding back. I prayed I was wrong, sadly I wasn't and he was taken in much the same way. Sometimes this world is so cruel .. enjoy everyday with them, give them the world as all too soon they are no longer there to share it with you. 
Today I cry and I think of Mikey, of Kai, of Louis, of Jay of Krizzie  and of course of little Riley
 all stolen from us far before their time. 

Father and son Jay and Louis

 Father and son Kai and Mikey

Beautiful Krizzie and little Riley


Lin said...

Yes treasure every moment x

ian turner said...

they all look stunning dogs and cat and i was lucky to get to know mikey i miss him to