Friday, 12 May 2017

Tali Updates

I took Tali for a a toddle by the stream in Gyrn Goch on the way back from the vets, she likes it there so I thought it would be treat for her.
Her temperature was ok, just some abdominal discomfort which I would imagine would be expected. I guess I panicked this morning as she was just lying in diarrhea and hadn't let us know over night that she needed to get out, that's never happened before. Either she or Asha always lets us know. I have often imagined Asha shouting .... "Help, Mum's shit the bed!"
Tali's diarrhea first thing this morning was  black and sticky which did give me cause for concern as I thought she could be bleeding somewhere internally.  After letting her out she just had several explosions in the yard .. by then it was watery and very dark green. Anyway she's had a Vit b12 injection, a steroid injection and a course of metranizadole. She's  had a bit of white fish with her pills in for lunch and I think scrambled egg is on the cards for tonight. .. here's hoping things settle again now.


carrie said...

Well done Tali, she a tough girl like us all up here in the mountains!! keep it up Tali x

Lin said...

Poor Tali such a shame for her x