Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Same Puppy?

Nope! Sammi and Kaiah at the same age!
My god they look alike facially, though they can be distinguished by Sammi's better ear set. And no that's not rose tinted glasses, Kaiah's are a little more wide set. (But only a little, not like Kiri's were) Since I am comparing the girls and their conformation I have to confess that generally and at the moment Kaiah does seem to have the better conformation. But that is exactly what I want, to improve on my line. Kaiah just needs a little more height at the wither to complete the picture, and I'm sure that will come over the next few months. Kaiah has always been as easy puppy, never as much of a hand full as Sammi was, though recently she has been practicing!  
I still haven't decided on changing the blog's settings, and Carrie's points have given me more to think about ... though I do wish I could block individuals rather than choose an audience .. if that makes sense. Anyway no rush!

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Lin said...

The similarity is amazing both so beautiful x