Monday, 1 May 2017

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday's show team 
Yesterday we arrived at Malvern for the show having avoided all motorways and traveled down through beautiful rural Wales to Hereford. Having worked it out today, though it took us the same time as the motorway run it was 48 miles less in mileage one way.  Bloody hell almost a 100 miles less in the day, now that is worth the saving on the diesel.
I knew the show was numerically well supported and was prepared to not do as well as at Builth, but we started with a bang and Loki won the largest class of males on the day. Loki was pulled out third, but his wonderful  long striding movement soon had him pushing his way up to first place. It was another proud moment for me and honestly I could feel the emotion taking over .. yes I just managed to hold back the tears .. again! With no expectations of the young man I was then overwhelmed again to find him shortlisted to the last 3 in the challenge for the CC. As Steve would say, this time "close but no cigar!"
Happy Family 
Baby Kaiah did us proud too, she was only beaten by the most beautiful red sable puppy bitch  .. actually I was proud to see her second to such a stunning pup .. and they were both very much the babies of the class. There is quite a difference in a 6 month old puppy to a 9 month isn't there. Kaiah stood and moved well and seemed quite taken with the judge on her loose lead character test.
I have to admit Sammi was not her usual self at the show. She lacked spark, and to be honest was better behaved than she can be. Though she stood and gaited well for Sarah she did look very bored on the continued walking, which was a little excessive I feel. Maybe the prolonged season has left her a little lethargic and lacking interest in her showing, though she was screaming the house down at 4.30am yesterday, the lady was not for being left behind!
The three of them were impeccably behaved all day, a pleasure. I do love my Nico kids so much!
Not sure which one is the boy
I can't see a willy!
Whilst chatting at the show I decided to ask Sarah and her lovely mum Ivylene if she knew anything of the sable pup and his dam and her breeders. Sadly I couldn't remember any of the names including the names of the breeders! It's so embarrassing when my memory escapes me, but something I have to live with. Anyway yet again my mobile phone was the life saver! Having sent photos of the pup and his parents to Linda in messenger I was able to retrieve them and show them to Sarah, and having googled the names on the dam's parents on my computed they were in the google history on the phone! Bingo! Sarah and Ivylene were able to give me the info I needed and as Sarah lives 30 mins away she has kindly offered to go over and asses the puppy for me. Of course I took her up on her offer .. I totally trust her opinion and was delighted to do so! If this is the puppy for me or not .. well hopefully exciting times ahead and I now have to be prepared and start thinking of a names etc. Just one worry, I haven't saved up enough money yet! Well I thought I had more time ... and maybe I still do!

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brilliant day yesterday rhian the 3 of them did brilliant