Thursday, 11 May 2017

Moaning Minnie

Today I'm feeling deflated, so much going on around me, so much sadness.
A friend has lost her dear mum .. a lady I had know for most of my adult life. She suffered a SAH yesterday morning and passed last night. It was her birthday, it should have been a day of celebration but instead she left the world on the same day as she came into it ... 89 years later.
So many of my friends are loosing animals. The owner of the dog I mentioned last week is heartbroken, as we all would be. Another lost his life to torsion (bloat) 2 days ago, people who know everything there is to know about the condition and did everything right, still it gets them. What precautions do you take with your large breed dogs to try and prevent torsion? If your not aware of it or take precautions then you are putting your dogs at risk daily. Another friend looses her dog after the spread of mammary tumors to internal organs .. the list seems endless.
Here Jimmy Choo is not eating much at all. But he doesn't seem ill. Choo is a small cat anyway, but he's now a small skinny cat! This reminds me of Isla at the same age, but the vet thought her problem was down to fur balls from her profuse coat. Choo (yes that's what we call him these days) has a short coat. I'm shopping later and will get him something special to see if I can tempt him to eat, if not it'll be a trip to the vets ... again!
Sarah has not been to see the puppy yet. She has been so ill after WELKS and with a young daughter, a job, a man and a home to take care of she just hasn't been able to go. That I totally understand, but I'm on pins and just can't get "Teddy" out of my mind.
Tali's IBS is flaring up again, she's been so good recently, but the last 2 weeks it's been bad again and of course there are no answers just trial and error.
Another thing that's getting to me is that people are rehoming dogs willy nilly on Facebook (and other sites) The rehoming pages are full of young dogs that people no longer want. There are reasons for rehoming dogs, sometimes it is in the best interest of the dog for it to go elsewhere, but to rehome one to get another simply disgusts me! Instead of doing the work they choose to get rid and mess up another dogs life!
My George world is in turmoil, since his passing I can't for the life of me turn to him for comfort. At
the moment it simply is not the same. My friends, the fans, are pulling each other to pieces. The Kenny lovers and haters and the Fadi lovers and haters. Me? Well I'm just sitting on the fence, but I can't imagine for one minute that George would be pleased with Kenny selling his soul to The Sun. George hated the press, especially The Sun.
Now I've had my moan it's time to get on with the day, to appreciate what I have and try and enjoy life ..

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Lin said...

Sorry for how you're feeling at the moment as you say it's just one thing after another. Things can only get better hopefully sooner rather than later x