Monday, 29 May 2017

Walking with Friends

Lovely,  though damp (Or Soggy as Kaiah would say!!!) walk today with my lovely friend of 30 years .. Rosie. We chatted about the old times; she knew me before "Blanik," when there was just me and Pepsi driving around in a mark 2 Ford Escort Estate and she had Great Danes, Jack Russel's and collie. She "Baby Sat" Blade and Pepsi for me when I went to my brothers wedding, at the time I would never have trusted them with anyone else. We trained at the same dog club, use to walk together weekly and then ended up working together in Freshfields, before she had to leave to take care of her mother and partner. Now sadly times have changed again and she will have more time on her hands. Hopefully now we can see each other more often again.
The dogs got on well mostly, though Loki felt the need to stop games between Kaiah and Mici. There was no aggression, no noise, he simply moved in and stood in between them. How odd you may think, well no, it's exactly what Mikey use to do to stop Loki and Lexi playing so the boy was only doing as he was taught. Fascinating to watch!
Young Elsie has not been with Rosie for long, a failed working sheepdog she is thriving as a pet and really coming out of herself. We only had one incident when she panicked seeing Loki running towards her and bolted back to the lake. Bless her, Loki would mean her no harm, but he was just a bit much for her. Maybe next time she'll play with him!
 Kaiah, Loki and Mici
 14 year old Cofi having a swim

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Lin said...

So glad you got to walk with Rosie again and pics are lovely and yes Mikey taught Loki well x