Friday, 19 May 2017

What A Night

Last night we had a club show in the training class, and my god what a night for Blanik. Loki was Best In Show, Asha out moved and out screamed everyone (including the youngsters) to go best Veteran and Baby Kaiah was Best Puppy In Show. Honestly there were other dogs of other breeds there! Wonderfully five of the classes were won by the clubs GSD's including Open bitch that was won by Bella, Loki's sister. 
But I do need to have one moan .. where were the rest of the club members? The club gave this evening to the members for free. No entry fees and stunning rosettes, but still so many people didn't bother turning up. Why? Where were they? As we've said before - use it or loose it! 
One of the highlights of my night - a little Frenchie called "Dave!" (and his camera shy owner)


carrrie said...

Fantastic effort Blaniks. Take your point bout members not turning up, but if u an
Linda hadnt told me, I would not have known about the event.I always found it paid to advertise when I was organising events, and kept on and on at every class for weeks, so no~one could stay away cos they didn't know.I had intended to come last night but
after cutting grass[so Tasha will not b frightened by mower next week} humping dog cages around ready for her, blocking off part of garden so she will b easier to lure in if needs b, hand feeding Bruno, and finally collapsing into chair, completely forgot until it was too late.Serves me right as I always LOVE to see the brilliant Blaniks win!!!

Lin said...

What a wonderful night and so well done on all your wins great pic and love Dave's pic what a great little guy x

Tali said...

Carrie, it has been advertised in the club, been on the website and been on the club Facebook page for weeks. Also all members who have added their e.mail address on their membership details were e.mailed about it about it several times. It could only be advertised within the club as it was a club event!

ian turner said...

it was a brilliant night and well done team blanik you cleaned up yahooo brilliant

carrie said...

as an old codger do not actually go to classes as also owning older dog, he just about learned all he could, so it is obviously my fault for not going to hall.Supposed someone
of the old crowd might have rung me but no~one ever does.Cancelled email news as was a bit worried by the site provider!!! hope didn't upset anyone was not criticizing just explaining what happens if not into technology:~}