Saturday, 10 March 2018

We've Gone Backwards

A month away from the pack has set Ross back a few steps, and they were hard steps to take in the first place. Today we've had a big tantrum which ended up in a battle of wills and strength between him and me, and my god did he put up a fight! One thing I have realised is that if I don't get things sorted again asap then next time his physical strength may well be greater than mine.  Today my determination was greater than his ... but only just!
It was quite physically easy to win over the 4 month old pup, but having the same fight with a 9 month old sure was exhausting.
I've won this battle .. but maybe not quite the war yet!

1 comment:

Lin said...

I'm sure you'll win Rhian it may be a battle of wills but I'm sure you'll come out on top x