Saturday, 24 March 2018

Llandudno C.S

Well it was not our most successful show with Ross being 3rd out of 4, Loki standing alone and Asha being last! But it was still a cracking day with lots of laughs and it was lovely to see Bella, Loki's sister gain BOB and group 4. Ross did manage to go Best Puppy In Breed out of the three GSD pups exhibited but in the group it was just obvious the judge had no interest in him what so ever. Her loss!
Ross was sound and happy all day, no problems in or out of the ring but maybe digging for moles .. or what ever it is he's doing, on the grounds was not such a great idea. Anyway he was full of fun, leaping in the air, throwing sticks and twigs about .. not surprising that he was lame when we got home. Now after a sleep he's back on full form!
Doesn't he look great.
A Couple of lovely shots of Asha.
Dead chuffed with these ..

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Lin said...

Pics are lovely sounds like you had a good day