Friday, 23 March 2018

Too Fat?

Asha is entered in the pastoral veteran class tomorrow, I'm now wondering if maybe she's carrying a little too much weigh, again! She lost weight nicely with a change of diet 2 years ago, but now on a Salmon based food she's looking a little chunky! To be honest with Tali on a special diet I couldn't afford to keep Asha on the Senior diet that she originally lost the weight on and I put her on a CSJ Salmon food. I hadn't noticed the weight creeping up..  just now it's there. Ah well Asha is known for her greed from day one and her puppy name was GeeGee which stemmed from me calling her Greedy Guts within minutes of her being born. Still wet she was suckling before Al (Kai) who was born a good 30 mins before her had even realised where his mother was, boys eh! 
Anyway we may get chance to get some better photos of her tomorrow; I wouldn't dare go without her, win or loose she'll be over the moon to go and will spend her day begging and stealing food! 


Lin said...

Lexi says you're not fat Mum and good luck tomorrow x

ian turner said...

i always love seeing asha in the ring she can show the young ones how to do it.she never lets you down