Thursday, 15 March 2018

The Three "J" litter Kids

It'd great to see how the boys are doing and hearing about their adventures. Jethro (wearing the bandanna)  has a new friend to share his life in the form of a Springer Spaniel bitch and Kyle and Iris go exploring on a daily basis. 

One thing that's very obvious about this litter is how much they have taken from their mum and grandfather Nico. Facially Jethro is the spit of a young Nico, the three of them also have his slightly wide ear set which Sammi doesn't have. 
It's just lovely to see these photos on Facebook and know how well they are doing .. though poor Kyle has now to face his neutering operation before the end of the month. Scary day as with his retained testicle the operation is a little bit more complex than a normal castration. 
Kaiah with Loki
Kaiah's not quite as dark facially as her brothers, but she still has a lovely mask and the preferred  dark eyes that the breed standard asks for. 
Beautiful Mummy Sammi with her more correct ear set so obvious in this photo 

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Lin said...

Lovely to see these pics all of them looking stunning