Tuesday, 20 March 2018

And ...

Mr Sore Eye 
Couldn't sleep last night, too much going on in the brain. They say it takes years to reroute its self after an injury .. I'm sure it can do it when I'm asleep instead of going over the events of the day .. and the events to come. I'm worried sick about today. I need an answer, but I'm also scared of the answer. Make sense? Maybe not but that's how it is!
Anyway back to yesterday, I keep going over it in my head. I'm still so shocked that Loki reacted the way he did. I would not have been shocked had it been Jezi or Ziva or many others like Simba before them, but Loki? It's just so out of character for him and I can only put it down to his inexperience and incompetence as the "older male." Had he been provoked I would understand, but I was sat no more than 6 ft away and watched it all unfold. Loki was completely out of line, he was without doubt the one in the wrong.
Of course we've had males bite each other before, but maybe with good reason, or I can at least understand why they did it. Blade bit a young Dexi and damaged his tear duct .. but Dexi was being very annoying at the time, and Blade had warned him and warned him. Loki gave no warning, he gave Ross no change to get it right, no change to realise the game was over.
Louis and Jay 
Dexi also bit poor Jay .. but Jay had pushed him to the limit before he reacted. I'm surprised Dexi didn't drown him in the lake that day. He certainly held him under water a good while, but Jay being Jay he immediately carried on tormenting Dexi again. It never worked between those two boys, Jay was such a nutter, he had no manners and no respect for authority. He didn't have a nasty bone in his body though, and did get on well with Louis who was his son .. actually remembering back when Louis was young they did play too.
The swelling on Ross' face has gone down this morning and though I guess it must be sore he's been chucking his toys around in the kitchen. I guess the best thing we can do is be vigilant but not cause tension ourselves by being over cautious. Hopefully a one off mistake, hopefully things will be back to normal ASAP and the only tension that we will have to concern ourselves with will be between hormonal bitches!

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Lin said...

Hope all's ok now must have been a shock x