Saturday, 17 March 2018

Boys Will Be Boys

Ross hasn't been lame since Tuesday, though his behaviour continues to keep us on our toes. I'm not changing my mind about the Xrays. Something isn't quite right, whether it's a problem or something and nothing I now need to know.  I'll be in bits on the day, especially as I'll have to leave him there for the morning I guess.
I'm going to ask her not to examine him before the Xray as he's really had an issue with his back legs since the previous examination. She really did hurt him that day and he went to pieces about it and it's now in his mind that anyone touching his back legs is going to hurt him. The first time we went to Ring Craft after the vet exam he was very unsettled and pulled away as he was being "gone over." But within 20 mins he realised what it was about and settled again. I got people to go over him at the shows before he went into the ring and he was fine, but this week he had a really bad reaction again. To be honest I'd forgotten about it and wasn't expecting it, but maybe that wasn't a bad thing as we know it wasn't coming from me. His reaction this time was worse than ever with a loud sharp cry a swing of the head and a panic. As the person going over him was experienced and willing to try things the way I wanted to he soon settled and realised it was not going to hurt. I think in looking for signs of Pano the vet pinched him in the long bones and now as they are being touched at Ring Craft he freaks. Still it was quickly over and I must remember to ask someone to go over him before the class at next week show.. if he's there!
The other issue is, the way he treats Kaiah is getting out of hand. He grabs her by the neck and actually shakes her. Now from his part it's all done in fun, but for poor Kaiah it really is not funny at all. The size difference is now pretty apparent and I'm scared she's going to get hurt. Of course we've been here before, it's exactly the same situation as we had with Loki and Sammi. Sadly we just had to wait for Loki to grow up to stop doing it .. though he still does it occasionally now to Ziva and Sammi, but it's not a constant thing. These girls give these young males far too much of their own way and I think sadly regret it later.
I take a toy on the walk with Ziva and Sammi. It worked wonders in stopping them spatting every few minutes, one of them would carry it or they'd play tug nicely with it. But now with Loki on that walk the plan has all but gone to pot as he takes the toy off them and they let him have it. Taking 2 toys doesn't work as Loki wants whatever toy the girls have and will continually drop his to pinch there's, so the girl are back spatting and he gets his own way. But of course though Asha dotes on Loki if she has the toy he is far too respectful of her to try and take it off her!  Pack behaviour is truly amazing to watch, everyone has a place and a role .. though of course as in Kaiah's case she's not happy to be down in the bottom of the pile and will and is pushing her way up through the rank of females!


ian turner said...

im geting the same thing with bella and tasha bella is pushing her luck with tasha tormenting her .i defently think taking a toy for tasha calms the situation

Lin said...

it was such a shame to see Ross react when being gone over but he soon settles and hopefully will son be a distant memory for him. I shouldn't laugh as I know the girls can be feisty but the pic of Loki going off with the toy was so funny though doubt the girls thought so xx