Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Walking With No Leads

Not feeling at my best I was worried about driving to take the pups out, but if they don't go then they are a nightmare later in the day. Steve offered to drive and come for a short walk with me on the track in Cwm Dulyn. The others would just have to cope with a run around the field when we got home. They don't mind that occasionally but wouldn't cope with it daily as it really is just like their back garden.
The track in Cwm Dulyn is not a long walk, we don't usually bother walking it and just go straight to the walks by the lake, so it was a change for these two to do this walk. As we arrived I realised I'd left my bag at home. My bag contains my leads, poo bags and the camera .. I had nothing. Usually there are spare leads in the van. But no not today, I specifically remember taking them in to the house as the leather was getting mouldy and the chains rusting in the damp weather. I found a check chain and a slip collar and decided we'd have to manage!
Within minutes of setting off young Ross who was running hell for leather after Kaiah ran into my leg, walloping me just below the left knee. I've not felt pain like it in years and all I can say was thank god it wasn't my already sensitive right knee. With his usual sympathy Steve said, walk, walk on it, it'll cease if you don't move. My god I wanted to cry .. but he was right, the movement gradually helped and the burning sensation seemed to go down my leg and eventually eased.
The rest of the walk was pretty unadventurous and thankfully we didn't see anyone so got away with the facts that we had no leads. At least if someone had come I would have been able to tie what we had to their collars. Pretty decent photos from the phone yeah!


Lin said...

Hope your knees ok and yes it bloody hurts !!!!! lovely pics and hopefully you'll have a peaceful night x

carrie said...

Must have been a lead free day all round. Let Tasha out in the garden as usual, went into kitchen to prepare her breakfast and make tea. 10 minutes later went out into garden to feed birds, but no Tasha. Walked into all corners, her usual sniffing spots. Yelling brek breks, clicker treats, no sign and the horrible knowledge that somehow she had found an escape route. Checked through hedge into next door, and there she was, but THANKFULLY IGNORING THE SEVERAL CHICKENS loose in the garden. I
increased the volume of my shouting, and she completely ignored me. Had no choice but to go
out into the lane with lead and treats, still in my dressing gown at 7.30am with it starting to drizzle. Just as I neared the entrance to the garden she appeared, ignored me, and ran down a small track to the right. I hobbled after but she was having none of it. She then disappeared into a field, so I decided I needed help. But she then reappeared ran past me back up the lane to my gate, and ran in. I thought oh thank god, but by the time I got back in, yes, she had gone straight back through the hedge#wire, and was back in next doors again with the chickens. I could have cried and was in great pain with my hips, knees, felt faint. Back down the lane in time
to see her off again down side track into field. Banged on neighbours door and young Caturah came out and pursued the bitch!!! Eventually caught her in a boggy bit of the field, up to her hocks in mud, and mud all over Caturah's coat too. Ready to
faint by now, but eventually got her back indoors and washed her paws!!! Thought after ten months she was happy and settled, but the lure of the wild~~~~ have found tiny gap in wire where she had wriggled through, and am shortly going out there to put up yet another layer of wire in that spot, and get some more bamboo fencing when I go to town, to reinforce that area, so she can't see through!!! Once hedge gets thicker again will also help. So, lead or no lead, think you had a better experience than me yesterday!!! So strange though as earlier this week she spent the entire day in garden, and coming in and out just as she pleased. Just goes to show she is much brighter than me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!