Sunday, 25 March 2018

Ross On Film

With no one to take photos inside yesterday I was over the moon to recieve this last night. Ross had beaten the puppy dog in the class and was challenging the puppy bitch here for BPIB. Having recieved BPIB he does his lap of honour with Bella who was BOB.
I sent the video to Ross' breeder last night  who commented that he seems sound ... That's the problem and why I didn't rushed to do Xrays, being he's lame sometimes and not other times is quite confusing. After the breed judging was over we were taking photos outside. Ross was like an idiot, digging, leaping up at seagulls and throwing twigs about, so when we got home and he was quite lame. He then had his meal and crate rest for a couple of hours and then he was ok again. Honestly does my head in!

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Lin said...

That was lovely to watch and well done