Friday, 30 March 2018

10 months Old Today

Having being weighed 10 days ago I would guess that Ross is still approximately 36KG.
He's not the best at finishing his meals, but he must be getting enough to keep him fulfilled.  When measuring him I think he's 65.5 cms possibly 66cms at the wither and I don't think he's got any taller in the last month. Height wise though he'd be classes as top height he's ideal for my liking really. 
He's an adorable young man, a huge character. He's sure been a learning curve for me but I adore who he is, well most of the time! You can't dispute he's a handful, he's vocal and he can be quite head strong; but he's also pretty obedient, especially so when he's with Kaiah as her recall is one of the best and he's learnt to follows her back. I hate the way he roughs her about at home, but it's no worse than Loki was with Sammi. On a walk he's more respectful of her and it works well to walk the two without Loki, it keeps the situation calmer. The only problem that causes me is that walking Loki with Ziva and Sammi causes tension which is a shame. 
I know Ross is not everyone's cup of tea. I know the colour is not to everyone's taste, but when being critical people should remember that when they look into a show ring and see a sea of black and rich tan dogs that sable was the original breed colour. I my self am influenced by colour, I prefer a rich tan to a pale tan, but with Asha I've also felt sadness that maybe the better dog was bypassed because of colour .. so yeah I see that both ways. Maybe colour should only be considered when splitting hair between winners. 
Anyway back to Ross, yeah he's not everyone's cup of tea and I was told by someone at the show last week that no way could they live with "that!" The person saying they'd batter him if they lived with him because he's so vocal. I have to say that there are times when you do wish he would shut the f**k up, but he is who he is and he's great fun to share a life with. I wasn't offended at the remark at the time, but in true form for me I've mulled it over a lot in the week and would now like to say that maybe everyone should look closer to home before being critical of each other dogs .. I don't mean the dog in the show ring, that's the game we play, I mean the dog him/herself .. the person. (if that makes sense)
Ross is more or less what I spent last year looking for. Of course he's not perfect, his lack of coat is distracting for me .. and the elbow .. well that's another story, it's no one's fault and what will be will be. But as a dog I'm really happy with him, he's really good looking and so much fun, and of course we do have some very cuddly sweet moments, usually when he's tired! Would I swap him? Send him back? Would I hell! I do wish things were different as breeding from him and Kaiah was part of the big Blanik plan, but it looks like it's not to be, but it doesn't make me love him any less does it! 
Another of those lovely photos taken last Saturday


Lin said...

He's a stunning boy and just hoping It's nothing serious with his elbow he sure keeps you guessing as he runs around as if nothng's wrong.

carrie said...

If it suits the owner, bu~~er the starer. Never cease to b amazed how insensitive some people are, and to make any remark about someone else's dog will only lead to hurt, even if not intended. how many times I came home from club near to tears with Yanto as I felt no~one understood how complicated he was, and what he meant to us.Ross is a glorious lad in every way ~ you know that ~ and have a good feeling his elbow troubles will eventually disappear. He was what you wanted, you have a wonderful relationship with him and that is all that matters. And when he starts winning big shows, well I will look forward to that!!! Not even a year old he is a star. x