Monday, 26 March 2018

Father And Son

Today I opted to take Ross with the girls and Loki and Kaiah together. This would give Kaiah much more chance to run off some energy! To be honest Ross was a pain with Sammi and pestered her for the whole walk. He doesn't do that with Kaiah now he seems more respectful of her. I do wonder why these youngsters bully Sammi so much, and with her character I wonder why she lets them do it?
Anyway having walked the four of them I blocked off visibility between two crates and took Nico and Loki in the van together .. bad move. The aggression between them was frightening. They both growled on and off for the whole journey, it was serious growling and with their voices sounding the same I wasn't sure who was worst, honestly they were awful.
 Nico and Mikey were not friends but they were not like this with each other. Both Loki and Nico generally get on well with other dogs but from today's antics it proves these 2 should never be left in a room together, and that's put the kibosh on my plans of NWGSD in 2 weeks. I had entered both and was planning to show both, but now if they both won their classes it would mean they would have to stand next to each other in the ring, I think not! Bloody shame but I fear Nico will be staying at home!


Lin said...

Such a shame the boys don't bet on but at least you know before the show

ian turner said...

gutted i really was looking forward to see the mane man in the ring again but like you said better to be safe than sorry