Friday, 9 March 2018

Disappointment and Anger

I hate the Crufts program, what is already a circus of a show is made a mockery of by presenters who would be best sticking to their own field of expertise; so I watch what I need to see on live stream on you tube. You actually get to see each dog in the group being judged and moved.
The GSD dog CC winner at Crufts is a lovely correct dog and the handler did a wonderful job with him. So what the hell gives someone like Peter Purves the right to come out with a comment like "...This German type with the exaggerated drop in their hips as apposed to the English type with their straight backs!" OMFG who needs his opinion, what right/what qualifications does he have to slander one of the top dogs in the breed? He should look at one of his own breeds of choice and consider the health implications before he dare slander a health tested animal like that! (He's a Peke and Newfie lover) At least Jessica what's her name tried to dig him out of the hole by saying, this dog moved steadily and is sound!
Ross in the snow instead of in the ring
The disappointment of the day continued for me as Sarah said that in her opinion Ross and Jackie's
Marco would have walked their classes. She also thought Kaiah would have been placed in the top 4. Nice to hear but of course it added to the emotion of disappointments. Yes I cried, several times yesterday!
This is not the first time we've had plans to get to Crufts and failed to either get there in time, or get the dog in the class. We broke down when Dexi was going for Limit Dog class and got there to see veteran being judged .. and due to a catalouge of unfortunate circumstances totally missed Nikki's class though I was stood next to the ring. I can't think of any other show where I've had so much bad luck. Of course there have been high points too, Louis, Jay and Nico have all won classes but I guess Dexi's 3rd in a huge open dog class is still our best win to date.
Dexi winning veteran at Blackpool Ch. Show
Dexi was cheated out of his title really, he was being shown at the same time as Ch. Nilo who was campaigned extensively as his breeder aimed for the breed record. They got it and Nilo won over 50 CC and is still the current breed record holder. Wonderful for them, but so many decent dogs missed out on their titles at that time .. Dexi included!
I sometimes do think, Why is it never our day? Of course it often is at Open show level but we have and have had some wonderful dogs over the years. Dexi and Louis should both have made it to the top but Nilo stopped Dexi and Louis length of fore leg often went against him, in this day an age of concern about the breed being too big Louis would be considered ideal. Nico's OTT training in German has made it hard for him to adapt to the current trend of more relaxed handling, and as much as you train for it with him outside the ring, as soon as he's in the ring he pulls out like an idiot .. as he was trained to do! Asha is lovely and has super movement but her colour is not her fortune and that was even obvious when she went into the ring against her brother Mikey. She had the better construction, but more often than not the glamour of Mikey took him to the top.
Beautiful Kaiah
I now have 4 lovely youngsters, 4 that I think can challenge the best. Kaiah may not be perfect but has the potential to be the best bitch here in generations. Lets hope maturity will favour her like it has her mother. Loki is a star, in the right hands under the right judges he will always be a consideration for top honours ... lets hope this years proves he can be more than a consideration? Ross is wonderful, I have to hope for soundness in front and more coat, though of course he may also struggle because of his colour. Though sables were the original breed colour in a sea of black and rich tan dogs they are often not favoured. I knew that and I'm prepared for that!
As the Ch. show season of 2018 is about to start I pray my dogs will be recognised for their virtues and that they can win for their merits. So many win with who's on the end of the lead .. that's not for me, but I hope 2018 will be our year to be seen shinning in the show ring!


Lin said...

Peter Purvis what a pratt there must be lots of people up in arms about him. Such a shame you missed out and knowing Kaiah and Ross would have done well , as you say here's hoping for a wonderful 2018 in the ring x

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ian turner said...

im sure the blaniks will do brilliant this year you have a fantastic team