Saturday, 10 March 2018


Around Xmas time I notice a black line appearing on the screen of the camera as I went to take my photos. I tried to clean it, but it became obviously the mark was somewhere inside the camera. I loved the camera so much that I took it to a Camera shop in Porthmadog. He basically told me as it was 4 years old it was not worth fixing. The mark on the photos was dirt inside the camera. I asked if it could be cleaned out .. he said no .. it's a sealed unit! I wondered how it had got in there then? But as I found him a patronising individual I didn't ask. He then went on to try and sell me a camera of equal standard, or better, he said, for about £350. I said no thanks!
The camera I have is a Samsung galaxy 2 camera, more than a camera .. it has wifi connections and can be used to text with etc. Basically it does almost everything an up to date  mobile does other than call, but sadly it's no longer made. Anyway I found one on e.bay, an unopened unwanted present, I bid on it, but feck I missed it on the very last second! Feeling disappointed I went on Amazon and found another new one, it was dearer than I intended but sod it life is short so I bought it.
The new camera has been out of the box, it's been used, takes amazing photos and is good to go. I'm just a bit precious about it in this weather that I'm still using the old one, but the mark is there clearly to be seen. The old one has had another accident since. The day I went to pick up Tali's ashes I stopped in Gyrn Goch .. coming out of the woods I went to put the camera in my bag, but missed the bag and dropped the camera cracking the screen. Anyway it still works and I'm still using it.
Removing the mark in photosuite is quite easy as long as it's not over a face or something and depending on the zoom being used I can see where it is when I take a photo. So if it's a special photo it takes minutes to clear the mark and restore the photo. So for now, and in future dodgy weather I'll continue to use this camera .. but get the new one out on special occasions and when there's little chance of it being battered by the weather.
Doesn't Jezi look wonderful in the deep snow!


Lin said...

Love these pics of Jezi though Lexi said she was jealous of her sis in all that snow !!!!!! as for the camera I agree keep it for special pics then I can keep using the old one lol

ian turner said...

i would defenetly still use the old one it has been a fantastic camera for you .love the picture