Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Glad That's Over With

Kyle went in for his surgery today. Thankfully it went well and he is now at home recovering. With both he and Jethro now neutered I can breath a sigh o relief. Both had retained testicles and the risk of not neutering them was too great. More often than not if a dog has a retained testicle, due to the heat within the body the testicle turns cancerous in middle age so there was no choice other than to neuter. (Testicles are suppose to stay cool outside the body) The surgery may be a little more complex but Kyle has been neutered at exactly the right age. He is now 17 months so his bones have fused and there is no risk of the neutering affecting his joints. Looking forward to seeing him again ..

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Lin said...

Glad it's all over and yes the right age for him xx