Thursday, 29 March 2018

Ross And I Are Still Friends

By bed time last night I had a huge bruise and swelling on my leg, but nowhere near my knee. It's about half was down to my ankle and on the inside. I can only come to the conclusion that Ross hit me as I took a step and the impact caused me to twist my knee and that is what gave me the horrendous pain. As it eased the burning sensation that I felt lower in my leg was actually the point of impact. God at the time I honestly thought I'd broken my leg or dislocated my knee. Anyway long term no harm done, I'll just have to be more careful around Nico for a while. He is like a bull in a china shop here and gives no regards to anything in his way. At certain times of the day if you don't say "wait" when opening a door then you better move pretty damn quickly or he'll have you over. He's the one that has run into me on several occasions and once left me struggling for days after a collusion with my right knee. He's truly a wonderful dog .. just a little exuberant at times!
Beautiful Nico - with his best mate of course! 

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Lin said...

Glad your leg is feeling easier you need a suit of armour LOL x